Working at Knight Piésold

At Knight Piésold, we believe in the one-team approach, with everyone working together toward achieving a shared goal. There are no barriers and no one works in isolation. You will get to work on a mix of projects from small assignments to large, multi-faceted projects located near home or in remote locations. You will also get to build on your talents through our knowledge-sharing culture, working across borders and collaborating with top professionals in the industry.

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Professional Development

We place great emphasis on nurturing our talent, and as such, are focused on providing opportunities and support for continual growth and career enhancement for all of our employees. We offer a variety of resources to encourage our employees to continue to develop their expertise and stay on top of new developments, such as internal training seminars and on-the-job training, support for external training, and coaching and mentorship from experienced employees.

Global Career Development Program

Experiencing life and work in locations other than those we are familiar with can have a lasting and valuable impact on professional growth. With offices located all over the world, we provide temporary transfers between offices for suitably qualified and motivated individuals. These assignments offer a wealth of opportunities for participants, everything from experiencing other cultures and customs, to working on projects unique to those regions.

Work Assignments

As consultants, we are continuously sought out by our clients to provide new ideas and to efficiently solve unique and challenging issues. Assignments are often in remote and difficult to access areas, requiring us to continually challenge ourselves and test common assumptions in unfamiliar environments. This type of work allows for cross-discipline exposure, assignments that expand your skills, and incredible opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Professional Networking

We are a very diverse company of multitalented people, many of whom are highly regarded individuals in the engineering and science arena. Through mentoring and coaching, conferences, and global internal training seminars, our employees have access to individual specialists, top resources, and expert advice from all over the world.

Rewards and Benefits

We value each employee and recognize their contribution to overall success of the company. We offer competitive compensation in order to retain the best employees, and are committed to further reward employees who consistently perform at a high level.

In addition, we also offer comprehensive benefits programs appropriate to each location, numerous social events, and a stimulating work environment with opportunities to travel and have a global impact. If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding work environment where you can excel, Knight Piésold has it all.