Integrated Management System

Management Policy (Knight Piésold and Co.)

We at Knight Piésold and Co. (Knight Piésold) are dedicated to the development, documentation, implementation, and communication of our Integrated Management System (IMS). In alignment with the Knight Piésold Culture of Discipline, we are committed to:

  • Providing the highest quality products and services
  • Preventing injury and ill-health
  • Preventing pollution and promoting strong environmental stewardship

All Knight Piésold activities shall comply with legal and other requirements, including providing a framework for establishing and reviewing objectives, communicating the system, reviewing the system for continuing suitability, and achieving client satisfaction.

All Knight Piésold activities will be conducted to provide a safe and healthy work environment, comply with applicable health and safety regulations, and adopt appropriate business practices.

All Knight Piésold activities within our offices shall be conducted in a manner that reduces pollution, promotes a policy of environmental stewardship, and complies with applicable environmental regulations and requirements.

Our IMS follows world class standards in the management of quality (ISO 9001); environmental(ISO 14001); and occupational health and safety systems (OHSAS 18001). It will be monitored, reviewed, and maintained for continual improvement.