Our Commitment to Quality

We highly believe that quality is defined as continuously meeting or exceeding our clients’ requirements. The quality system at Knight Piésold incorporates a rigorous set of procedures, standards and operating practices based on internationally recognized quality assurance models.  Our clients take confidence from our auditable system that ensures a thorough review and approval process is applied throughout the project.  A few of the key quality commitments Knight Piésold assures include:

  • Understanding and establishing our clients’ aims and objectives upfront

  • Maintaining and encouraging open communication throughout project development

  • Keeping our clients informed and abreast of required changes to scope, and confirming these changes prior to initiating the work

  • Ensuring project inputs undergo sufficient and appropriate review prior to use

  • Ensuring work is reviewed by an appropriately qualified peer reviewer

  • Ensuring calculation files are prepared and reviewed to professional standards

  • Insisting that quality records for review and approval, and documentation for the project are complete and accessible

  • Releasing documents that are appropriately revised, reviewed and approved

  • Providing clients the opportunity to regularly assess our performance and recommend ways to improve our ability to meet their needs