Kinsevere Copper Mine

Kinsevere Copper Mine

Kinsevere Copper Mine


  • Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Hydrogeological feasibility study
  • Dewatering system design
  • Water Quality Monitoring

Client: AMCK (Joint venture between Anvil Mining and Mining Company of Katanga)

Location: DRC

Project Description: The project is located in the Kipushi territory in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, approximately 30 km north from Lubumbashi. The copper mineralization at Kinsevere Copper Mine, which takes place in the Central Pit, Mashi and Kinsevere Hill deposits, occurs predominantly as stratiform deposits in rocks of the Mines Series. The Mines Series essentially consists of alternating dolomitic and terrigenous formations, which are presumed to have been deposited on a continental shelf in a generally reducing environment. The underlying dolomitic rocks form excellent developed aquifers with some boreholes yielding more than 150 l/sec (air-lift yield). These well-developed aquifers are situated within a relatively poorly developed aquifer made up of argillaceous rocks.

During the life of the project, copper oxide will be extracted from three mineralised zones namely, Tshifufia (south and central), Tshifufiamashia and Kinsevere Hill.  In the second stage of the project, the copper oxide ore will be mined to produce 60,000 tonnes per annum of LME grade copper metal in cathode.

Knight Piésold’s Role: Knight Piésold conducted an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to identify potential impacts associated with Stage 2 activities of the project. This involved an increase of the production rate and the development of a solvent electrowinning plant.

Additionally, Knight Piésold was responsible for completing a hydrogeological assessment. The investigation was separated into three phases (scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility phases). A Feasibility Report was developed based on the findings and recommendations pertaining to the interaction between mining and groundwater activities.

Knight Piésold is currently implementing the dewatering system at Kinsevere Mine as well as providing ongoing monitoring, review and management of the dewatering system and other groundwater related activities. Furthermore, drilling large-diameter (12” cased) dewatering boreholes is in progress as well as implementing a site wide dewatering performance monitoring system. Inputs are also provided into the water quality monitoring process.