Projects - Power
Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme

The Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme is a 1,333 MW project being developed in the Drakensberg mountain range in South Africa.  Knight Piésold completed the project optimization, tender design and procurement. Detailed design and construction supervision of this prestigious development is ongoing and the project is due to be commissioned in 2015. 

East Toba and Montrose Hydroelectric Projects

The East Toba and Montrose Hydroelectric Project is a 235 MW run-of-river hydroelectric development with facilities on East Toba River and Montrose Creek.

Kwalsa and Upper Stave Hydroelectric Project

The Kwalsa and Upper Stave Hydroelectric project is a renewable energy development that includes six hydroelectric facilities and interconnecting 138 kV transmission line. The Owner, Contractor, Douglas First Nation and Knight Piésold worked closely together to develop two low impact hydroelectric projects overcoming unique challenges while delivering under budget and ahead of schedule.

Kalungwishi Hydroelectric Project

The Kalungwishi Hydroelectric Project consists of the 96 MW Kabwelume and 151 MW Kundabwika hydroelectric station sites on the Kalungwishi River in Zambia. Knight Piésold is working as the Owner's Engineer and has supported the client with the overall project optimization and permitting, hydrology and energy generation studies, preliminary engineering design, tender design and negotiations, and site supervision. 

Casecnan Multi-Purpose Hydroelectric Project

The Casecnan Project is a 150 MW hydroelectric project and water transfer scheme in the Phillipines. Knight Piésold worked as the Owner's Engineer and provided services in project optimization, TBM Tunnelling, hydrogeological assessment, geotechnical mapping and rock classification, design reviews and construction supervision, and financing feasibility study.

Burnstone Power Lines

The Burnstone Gold Project requires a significant amount of electricity to operate resulting in a proposal to upgrade a nearby power station and erect an additional 88kV powerline. Knight Piésold was appointed to undertake environmental work consiting of two Basic Assessment Reports and Environmental Management Plans, as well as an S21 (c) and (i) water use licence.

Cuervo Hydroelectric Project

The Cuervo Hydroelectric project is a proposed 640 MW hydroelectric project. The environmental impact study was developed within the current requirements of Chilean legislation and World Bank guidelines and approved in 2012. Knight Piésold was involved in developing the Baseline Studies Terms of Reference; preparing environmental baseline documentation; evaluating environmental impacts through the application of mathematical models and / or mapping tools; and active participation in the citizen participation program and permitting process with authorities.