East Toba and Montrose Hydroelectric Projects

East Toba and Montrose Hydroelectric Projects

East Toba and Montrose Hydroelectric Projects


  • 235 MW run-of-river hydropower (two facilities)
  • Hydrometric data collection and hydrological analysis
  • Environmental Assessment and Permitting
  • Project identification, optimization and preliminary engineering
  • Detailed design and construction supervision

Client: Toba Montrose General Partnership (TMGP) and Peter Kiewit Infrastructure Co. (Kiewit)

Location: Toba Inlet, British Columbia, Canada

Completion Date: Ongoing (since 2005)

Project Description: The East Toba and Montrose Hydroelectric Project is a 235 MW run-of-river hydroelectric development with facilities on East Toba River and Montrose Creek.

Knight Piésold’s Role: The project was identified and permitted by Knight Piésold for TMGP. Knight Piésold was subsequently retained by Kiewit to perform the detailed design of the project under an EPC contract guaranteeing performance, schedule, and price. Knight Piésold has an ongoing role conducting environmental compliance monitoring and facility upgrade engineering.

Project accomplishments at the time of completion include design of the largest run-of-river project in BC history (East Toba River facility); design of the largest Coanda Screen installation in the world (Montrose intake); design of a 150 km 230 kV transmission line through hazardous terrain resulting in robust low impact alignment; and enduring relationships with local communities and three First Nations.

Commissioned ahead of schedule, the project currently delivers green energy to BC Hydro under a long term Energy Purchase Agreement providing a sustainable and renewable source of energy to British Columbians for generations.

In 2011, the East Toba and Montrose Hydroelectric Project received the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Engineering Excellence at the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia Awards in Vancouver.