Tailings and Waste Management

Tailings and Waste Management

The effective, safe disposal of mining wastes presents technical and environmental challenges. Each project is unique and our approach is to tailor the design of every tailings and waste rock storage facility to provide economic solutions appropriate to the site conditions, while providing long-term security and environmental protection.

Knight Piésold has extensive experience in siting, design, permitting, construction support, operational monitoring and closure of tailings and waste rock storage facilities for a wide variety of climatic and seismic conditions throughout the world.

Waste Characterization

A complete understanding of ore deposit geology, mineralogy, geochemistry, and hydrochemistry is important to ensure that mining operations are developed in an environmentally safe fashion. The optimization of mine operations, understanding of environmental issues, permit application procedures, and closure planning are critical components of a successful mine development.

Our expertise in waste characterization, field and laboratory testing, numerical modeling and the practical application of preventative strategies has been applied to numerous successful mining projects at various stages from initial development and operation to closure.

Tailings Management

Knight Piésold has been involved in the design of tailings management facilities for hundreds of mining projects throughout the world. We have extensive experience with all types of tailings management systems, and have pioneered the development of alternative tailings management technologies such as drained sub-aerial systems, thickened/ultra thickened/paste tailings disposal, and dewatered ‘dry stack’ tailings systems. Knight Piésold has established strong working relationships with specialist groups that provide support for the design of tailings thickeners, slurry pipelines, filtering plants, and paste tailings plants in order to provide complete and comprehensive design and operational expertise for tailings management.

Pipelines and Pump Stations

Cost effective and environmentally sound slurry handling is a significant component of most mining projects. Pump and pipeline selection must be tailored to the range of flows, pressures and material conditions anticipated over the project life. Knight Piésold has extensive experience in the handling and management of slurry streams including tailings, concentrates and cycloned sands.