1. 2017

    Knight Piésold Argentina Consultores S.A. opened a third office in Neuquén, serving clients in the oil and gas industry.

  2. 2014

    Knight Piésold Zambia acquired the Kitwe office known as Scott Wilson Piésold from URS Corporation (now AECOM) in 2014. The Scott Wilson Group acquired the Zambian interest of Knight Piésold UK in the early 2000s and operated the Kitwe office as Scott Wilson Piésold. URS Corporation subsequently purchased Scott Wilson Piésold.

  3. 2013

    Knight Piésold Zambia Ltd. was established in Lusaka, Zambia, focusing on the mining, power, and transportation industries.  

    Knight Piésold re-established in the UK as Knight Piésold Limited with an office in London, focusing on natural resources and engineering projects in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Central and Eastern Asia.

  4. 2010

    The Cape Town office in South Africa, which operated as Kayad Consulting Engineers since 1993, merged with Knight Piésold South Africa in 2010.

  5. 2008

    Knight Piésold Consulting (Pty) Ltd. was established in Windhoek, Namibia. Offices were later opened in Ondangwa in 2009 and Keetmanshoop in 2014, extending Knight Piésold’s reach in the country’s central northern and southern regions.

    Knight Piésold Australia opened an office in Brisbane to serve the growing resources industry in Queensland.

  6. 2007

    Knight Piésold Argentina Consultores S.A. opened an office in Mendoza, which became the headquarters of Knight Piésold Argentina.

  7. 2005

    Knight Piésold Argentina Consultores S.A. established its first office in San Juan, Argentina.

  8. 1999

    All of the operating companies were consolidated under Knight Piésold Holdings International Limited (KPHIL) in 1999. The exceptions were Knight Piésold Ghana, which became a part of KPHIL in 2000, and Knight Piésold UK, which was acquired by the Scott Wilson Group in 2002.

  9. 1996

    Knight Piésold Ghana Ltd. was established in Accra, Ghana.

  10. 1994

    Knight Piésold Consultores S.A. was established in Lima, Peru. An office was later opened in Arequipa in 2010.

  11. 1993

    Knight Piésold S.A. was established in Santiago, Chile.

  12. 1990

    David Piésold and Bruce Knight retired and the name "Knight Piésold" was adopted by all operating companies except South Africa, which changed its name in 1995. A Global Operating Committee was established to coordinate operating companies and partnerships in South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, UK, Australia, Canada, USA, and Malaysia.

  13. 1985

    Knight Piésold & Co. was established in Denver, USA. Offices were later opened in Elko in 1989 and Tucson in 2007.

  14. 1984

    The UK partnership changed its name to WLPU Consultants.

  15. 1982

    Knight Piésold (Pty) Ltd. (Botswana) was established in Gaborone, Botswana following an appointment as the civil engineering consultant for the Morupule A Project in 1979.

  16. 1975

    Bruce Knight established Knight & Piésold Ltd. in Vancouver, Canada. The name was changed to Knight Piésold Ltd. in 1992, and an office was later opened in North Bay in 1994.

  17. 1972

    RB (Bruce) Knight, who had originally worked for the company in Rhodesia and moved to Canada in 1964 to work on the Mica Dam, established an office in Sydney, Australia.

  18. 1965

    The Harare (then Salisbury) office moved to London, and later Ashford, Kent, in the UK to continue work in newly independent African countries of Botswana, Swaziland, Zambia and Malawi, and later in Kenya.

  19. 1964

    The partnership changed its name to Watermeyer, Legge, Piésold, and Uhlmann.

  20. 1957

    Dr. HLB (Hans) Uhlmann joined the partnership with special expertise in the structural and thermo-dynamic design of natural draught cooling towers.

  21. 1952

    DDA (David) Piésold joined the partnership with special responsibilities for the newly-established Central African Federation (Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland). Projects in Central Africa included the hydroelectric developments at Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River and at Nkula Falls on the Shire River, the outflow from Lake Malawi.

  22. 1950

    Dr. Kanthack retired at the age of 78. TC Watermeyer assumed the running of the company and was faced with the challenge of post-war staffing problems and the expansion of municipal and ESCOM thermal power stations in Southern Africa.

  23. 1949

    GHH (Hugh) Legge joined the partnership where he strengthened structural design and power station construction expertise.

  24. 1937

    TC (Tom) Watermeyer became a partner and the company became FE Kanthack and Partners. The principal areas of expertise were in water resources, natural draught cooling towers, thermal power stations, and hydroelectric power stations in Southern Africa.

  25. 1921

    The company was founded on April 21, 1921 in Johannesburg, South Africa by Dr. Francis Edgar Kanthack, C.M.G., M.I.C.E, D.Sc. (Eng). Dr. Kanthack already had a distinguished career in the service of three governments (British, Indian and South African), ending up as the Director of Irrigation for the Union of South Africa, a post he held from 1911 to 1920. At the age of 49, he decided to set up as a consulting engineer, operating as a sole practitioner as FE Kanthack.

    Early clients included the South African Railways, Victoria Falls Power Company, Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM now called Eskom), Anglo American Corporation, Industrial Steel Corporation, various municipalities, and other industrial and mining companies.