At Knight Piésold, we are on a journey of continuous improvement, working towards enhancing our processes and practices, operating ethically, and supporting our communities. We stand committed to:


We believe that the concept of quality has three primary aspects: (1) conforming to established technical standards; (2) striving to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients; and (3) working to continuously improve ourselves, our business practices, and the technical standards to which our professions and industries adhere.

Our Quality System incorporates rigorous procedures, standards, risks and opportunities assessments, and operating practices. These include budget control, staff and other resource allocation, and client reporting systems that link all our global offices. Our clients can be confident that thorough review and approval processes are followed throughout their projects. Our quality commitments include:

  • Understanding and establishing the goals and objectives at the start of work
  • Maintaining and encouraging open communication throughout project development
  • Ensuring sufficient and appropriate review 
  • Maintaining records and documentation that are complete and accessible
  • Providing clients with the opportunity to regularly assess our performance and recommend ways to improve our ability to meet their needs

Environmental Sustainability

Understanding and protecting the environment is a fundamental responsibility of our business. We have identified risks and opportunities relevant to our practice and developed an environmental code of conduct designed to minimize any negative impacts associated with our activities, including:

  • Compliance with applicable environmental laws, regulations, and standards
  • Adoption of best practices with respect to environmental management
  • Ensuring all work is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Reporting any environmental concerns, incidents, or opportunities for improvement to the appropriate person or authority

Health and Safety

It is our expressed policy that no concern is of greater importance than the health and safety of our employees, clients, and the public affected by our activities. We have implemented a thorough program to ensure that all employees, partners, contractors, and sub-consultants are committed to health and safety. Our program ensures that:

  • All personnel are trained in safe work procedures and hazard identification 
  • There is compliance with all governmental legislation, regulations, and industry best practices
  • Timely investigations are completed for any incident
  • Regular audits are completed to measure and improve the program


Based on a foundation of integrity, we conduct our business with honesty and accountability to our clients, employees, and the community.

It is our expressed policy that we are completely opposed to corruption, which we define as "the use of public office for private gain." We are committed to take whatever steps necessary to ensure that management and employees act ethically at all times.

As part of our commitment, an anti-corruption policy has been implemented in all of our offices worldwide.


We are committed to supporting the communities where we do business in whether they are local, national, or international, engaging in charitable initiatives, youth and young professional development programs, and other activities for the betterment of society.