Water Resources

Water Resources

Water is the world’s most valuable resource, and its allocation and management are key considerations in all infrastructure and resource development activities.

For 100 years, our specialists have been involved in hundreds of projects requiring water resource expertise, ranging from water balance work in support of mining projects to the design of intakes for hydroelectric developments.

Our team provides specialized water resource services to our clients at all stages of project development, from early project identification through project design, permitting, construction, and operations.

Our engineers and geoscientists specialize in the fields of: 

  • Baseline climate, hydrology, and hydrogeology data collection
  • Climatic, hydrologic, and hydrogeologic data assessment, analyses and quantification
  • Climate change assessments
  • Long-term flow estimation for hydropower and water supply evaluations
  • Water management planning for mine sites
  • Hydraulic modeling including dam break and hydraulic transients
  • Hydraulic structure design, including dams, ditches, pipelines, intakes, and spillways
  • Floodplain mapping and 1D and 2D flow modeling
  • Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modeling
  • Water demand forecasting
  • Water resource development planning
  • Water infrastructure planning
  • Bulk and reticulation water and sewer conveyance design
  • Wastewater treatment design

Our environmental scientists specialize in the following water related areas:  

  • Baseline studies
  • Permitting
  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Social studies and community engagement
  • Environmental management plans and monitoring

We understand that each project is different. Our team develops innovative and cost-effective solutions that respect environmental, social, and economic responsibilities while supporting our clients’ objectives.