Understanding how water moves through our complex hydrological systems is crucial in order to properly manage and sustainably utilize this valuable resource. Failure to do so may result in increased project costs, loss of potential revenue, adverse environmental and social impacts, or loss of aquatic habitats.

We play a vital role in understanding and finding solutions to water challenges. Our team of engineers and scientists has years of experience in hydrological analysis for the power and mining industries. We have provided technical expertise, planning, and design services for numerous projects requiring detailed hydrologic studies throughout the world. 

Our team is committed to making our clients’ projects successful by providing expert, cost-effective, efficient, and timely service. Regardless of the project size, location, or complexity, we have the resources and knowledge to meet your water challenges.

Our hydrology services include:

  • Baseline data collection, including gauging station installation, continuous discharge recordings, discharge measurements, and rating curve development
  • Data management (FULCRUM)
  • Data quality assurance and quality control
  • Data analyses and interpretation
  • Development of long-term synthetic flow series
  • Frequency analyses of historical flood and low flows
  • Extreme event rainfall-runoff modeling
  • Hydrological predictive modeling
  • Probable maximum precipitation and probable maximum flood analyses
  • Climate change assessments
  • Hydrologic characterization of basins
  • Riverine hydraulic analysis
  • Fisheries and aquatics