Wiggins High Lift Pump Station Upgrade

Wiggins High Lift Pump Station Upgrade

Umgeni Water

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

  • New designs to optimise the performance of an inefficient, existing pump station
  • Save operating costs for the client
Project Overview  

Knight Piésold designed a replacement pump-set at the Wiggins Water Treatment Works in Durban, South Africa. The new system satisfies the duty envelope, taking into consideration energy efficiency, space constraints, maintenance, ergonomics, and safety.

Project Role

The project involved design and construction monitoring of an in-situ replacement of the existing pump-sets at the Wiggins High Lift Pump Station. The old pumps were not designed for purpose, resulting in several breakdowns as well as inefficient pumping. The existing building was designed around the pumps, making space an issue. Innovative designs and use of space available resulted in a solution that utilised the correct, most efficient pumps for the intended purpose but at the same time limiting changes to the building and hence reducing construction costs.

Scope of services:

  • Pump sizing and type of new pumps to replace the old
  • Civil works additions and demolitions to accommodate new equipment
  • Pipework changes to accommodate new pumps
  • Hydraulic designs
  • Surge analysis check
  • Electrical designs
  • Functional designs
  • HAZOP coordination

Construction planning to accommodate shut down schedule as determined by Umgeni Water.

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