Environmental Studies for Power

Environmental Studies for Power

Sound environmental practices, from working with the ecological aspects of a project site to incorporating practical environmental management principles, improve operations and increase community acceptance.

Our team has a successful history of working with power developers to move projects through the regulatory process. Our environmental scientists work in conjunction with engineers to ensure a fully integrated project that enhances the efficiency of the environmental permitting process. Our environmental assessment and management services include:

  • Baseline investigations and environmental impact assessments
  • Regulatory compliance audits and due diligence
  • Project permitting and government liaison
  • Environmental management systems
  • Field monitoring programs
  • Traditional use/traditional knowledge studies
  • Indigenous relations
  • Stakeholder consultation

Compilations of natural resource inventories are fundamental to the permitting process. Our environmental scientists and engineers provide specialty expertise in the following disciplines:

  • Fisheries studies and aquatic ecosystem evaluations
  • Minimum in-stream flow requirements for sustainable aquatic habitats
  • Water quality and quantity monitoring
  • Wildlife enhancement and mitigation programs
  • Cumulative impact assessments
  • Fluvial morphology
  • Environmental geochemistry and reaction path geochemical modelling
  • Ongoing engineering support for existing operations