Browns Range Rare Earths Project

Browns Range Rare Earths Project

Northern Minerals Limited

Western Australia, Australia

  • Tailings storage facility
  • Evaporation pond
  • Surface water management infrastructure
  • Airstrip
  • Process plant pad
  • Waste landfill facility
Project Overview

Browns Range is a brownfield project, which is located 160 km southeast of Halls Creek, north of Western Australia, with infrastructure servicing a pilot plant for three years of operation. Open pit mining and ore stockpiling was completed, in advance of the pilot plant.

A variety of rare earth elements are found at Browns Range; however, the key element is dysprosium, which has the property to make magnets long lasting and the ability to retain efficiency at extremely high temperatures.

Project Role
  • Feasibility Study for the pilot plant project, which included (but not limited to) seismic assessment, water balance modelling, tailings testing, geochemistry analysis, hazard assessment, seepage and stability analysis, closure concept design.
  • Design of key infrastructure, as well as the Drawing Set, Scope of Work and Technical Specifications provided to the contractor.
  • Project management, including approval of design modifications and technical queries, contractor claim review and approval.
  • Construction supervision of all earthworks to meet the requirements of the drawings and technical specifications, including daily and weekly report submission, attending daily and weekly site meetings, construction progress tracking.
  • Providing QA/QC, including material in-situ and laboratory soil testing, HDPE geomembrane liner testing certification, and general guidance to the contractor undertaking the works.
  • Client representation to the aviation organisation that provided inspection and sign off of the airstrip to ensure it complied with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of Australia.