We that our clients expect cost-effective and responsible solutions in a timely manner. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure that this goal is achieved from both standpoints: the efficiency of time and the efficiency and security of our designs.

With experience in the most extreme climates and varied landscapes on earth, our specialists have the expertise to tackle any engineering challenge all the while holding paramount the care and respect for the environment. Our multidisciplinary approach that ties project management, environmental stewardship, and all engineering disciplines together produces a singular team that provides high quality engineering services with state-of-the-art designs.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical risk is a key consideration for civil and mining projects and the management of this risk directly affects a project’s success. It is important to properly characterize the ground conditions and identify potential geotechnical issues as early as possible in the project lifecycle to minimize risk and prevent cost and time overruns. Our engineers and geoscientists provide a full range of geotechnical engineering services, from investigations and design to construction and operations.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The longevity, reliability, and operational efficiency of any plant rely significantly on mechanical and electrical systems. Plants that operate reliably in the long-term have gone through methodical and rigorous steps to ensure that the specifications are detailed, designs are sound, and care is taken during manufacturing, installation, and commissioning. Our experienced team of mechanical and electrical engineers has a proven track record of providing our various clients with state-of-the-art solutions in both the power and mining industries.

Structural Engineering

Efficient, reliable, and innovative structural solutions have the ability to make a new project viable or an existing facility safe and effective for continued use. Remote locations, challenging climate and terrain, non-ideal ground conditions, or even just cost and schedule constraints require a team of experienced structural engineers that will work to find the best solution to suit the needs of the project. We provide a full suite of structural engineering services for the mining, power, water resources, and infrastructure industries, spanning large public utilities through to small private developers.

Cold Regions Engineering

Cold regions provide unique engineering challenges for developers. These harsh, often remote, environments impose unique constraints on the design of projects in cold regions, and include climatic concerns, water shortages, accessibility issues, and geotechnical challenges due to permafrost. We are experienced in cold regions engineering and have a proven track record in designing sound and cost-effective engineering solutions in cold regions throughout the world. We also have experience working at high altitudes in mountainous regions around the world, where many of these same issues exist.

Water Resources Engineering

From data collection and evaluation to project design, development, and management, we offer a full spectrum of services related to the utilization and protection of surface water and groundwater. We also provide specialist technical expertise on a wide range of topics, including water resource assessment, hydrology, hydrogeology, water quality data collection and analyses, hydraulics, flood control, erosion and sediment control, water storage, irrigation, river morphology, and river basin planning. We are also experienced with water-related litigation and expert testimony, and with regulatory compliance and permitting. Our water resource engineers and scientists have managed and addressed water-related issues on five continents and dealt with regulatory agencies in more than 30 countries. Regardless of the project size, location or complexity, Knight Piésold has the resources and expertise to meet your water challenges.

Municipal Engineering

Municipal engineering forms the backbone of all developed areas, providing infrastructure for a town or city. It consists essentially of two categories of services: bulk services and local services. Bulk services include larger water mains, stormwater outfall lines, and sewerage and pumping mains. Local services comprise internal water reticulation networks and local stormwater networks, including items such as detention and attenuation ponds, feeder sewer lines, and manholes. These projects also require design and layout of larger feeder trunk roads, as well as the smaller local roads and streets. We provide a full range of municipal engineering services for both bulk services, which feed the larger areas of the urban environment, and local services, which connect to the actual developed properties. Our clients are typically cities, local municipalities, and private developers who are carrying out developments in urban areas.