Cononish Gold Silver Project

Cononish Gold Silver Project

SGZ Cononish Limited

Tyndrum, United Kingdom

  • Design of filtered tailings stacks to blend with the natural landscape
  • 3D modelling, utilising software packages such as AutoCAD and Muk3D to visually present conceptual-level filtered tailings stack designs to both the client and environmental authorities
Project Overview

The Cononish Gold and Silver Project (Cononish) is located at the north of Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park in Scotland. Gold production at Cononish previously commenced using earlier mined ore at a pilot scale using a portable plant, which has now been completed. Following the pilot production, the mine is now transitioning to full scale production and processing.

Project Role

In 2017, Knight Piésold completed a feasibility level design of the proposed tailing storage facility (TSF) and has since progressed to detailed design with construction in early 2020.

Feasibility concepts were brought forward towards a detailed design (issued in August 2018) that focuses on Stage 1 of the project (initial 17 months), and considers the following:

  • Design of 10 filtered tailings stacks divided into three grouped valley areas
  • Drainage and surface water management
  • Settlement pond and discharge water quality
  • Peat and turf management
  • Updated topography/survey information
  • Additional geotechnical information and testing of foundation and tailings materials
  • Filtered stack geometry and stability analyses
  • Updated hydrological assessment and surface water peak flow determinations
  • Comprising existing water diversion infrastructure into the design
  • Optimisation of the outlet pipeline and water collection channel
  • Technical Specification and Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) Plan

Stage 2 of the project is planned to follow the same concept but will be optimised based on information obtained from further site investigation, and observations from construction and operations of prior stacks.

Throughout the project, Knight Piésold has been actively involved in public consultations with the local environmental authorities, to confirm that the conceptual-level designs satisfy the environmental management legislation in place. This is a particular focus of this project, as the mine site itself is located within a protected National Park and the stacks have been designed to visually blend in with the existing landscape.