Matabele-Shangombo Road Upgrade

Matabele-Shangombo Road Upgrade

Road Development Agency

Shangombo, Zambia

  • Design and tender documentation
  • Visual assessment
Project Overview

Shangombo is a developing town and is home to approximately 70,000 people (Zambia Census, 2000). The construction of the road with a canal linking Angola and Zambia across the Cuando River will provide residents of the area with a variety of development opportunities aimed at increasing job creation, encouraging entrepreneurship, improving productivity, and ultimately improving the lives of the citizens of this small remote town.

The Road Development Agency of Zambia appointed Knight Piésold, in joint venture with EastConsult Ltd. to provide consultancy services to prepare the design and tender documentation for the upgrading of the road. Knight Piésold carried out a visual assessment of the road to kick-start the tender design process.

Project Role

Activities included, but was not limited to:

  • Traffic investigations
  • Investigation and testing of road construction materials for both suitability and quantity
  • Provision of adequate pavement structure and geometric design, including adequate drainage structures and embankment design
  • Provision of adequate improved safety features, including road markings and road signs
  • Carrying environmental impact brief for the project
  • Provision of detailed engineering designs
  • Preparation of tender documentation with detailed costs
  • Economic analysis
  • Socio-economic analysis