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Muntimpa TD5 Capacity Assessment

Muntimpa Copper Mines needed to undertake engineering and surveying studies that would provide accurate planning on the future deposition and overall operation of the Muntimpa tailings storage facility (TSF).

Knight Piésold’s Role

Knight Piésold was responsible for the above-mentioned aspects. The aerial topographic survey information was a key input in being able to deliver a quality service, particularly with regards to freeboard measurements, volumes of water stored, and deposition plans. Only the perimeter walls and a short length into the tailings beach were being surveyed, and there was, therefore, significant benefit from surveying the rest of the TSF area. The stream diversion study looked at the feasibility of diverting the three streams around the Muntimpa TSF. In addition, the study looked at the effects that the stream diversion will have on the quality and quantity of water from the filter drains system and spillway discharges. As Stage VIII spillway, which is currently in operation, comes to the end of its useful operation, a new Stage IX spillway needs to be constructed. This included:

  • Development of civil construction drawings
  • Design of extension of the drainage system
  • Design of spillway system
  • Embankment development drawings, including diversion embankment and earthworks
  • Development of construction specifications
  • Preparation of bill of quantities
  • Capital cost estimates

A storage capacity evaluation was required to determine the extent to which the tailings beach coverage will extend beyond its current footprint for a storage of up to 780 million tonnes, as it could affect the households, fields, and other infrastructure inside and outside the Konkola Copper Mines’ surface rights area.