Ujams Treatment Facility

Ujams Treatment Facility

Ujams Treatment Facility

Khomas, Namibia

  • 8-km-long pipeline
  • Flow measurement structure
  • Diversion structure
  • Telemetry and control
Project Overview

The project is located in the Northern Industrial Area in Windhoek in central Namibia. It consisted of the construction of new 250-450 mm diameter sewer lines and related infrastructure. The 8-km-long sewer lines convey industrial effluent to the new Ujams Treatment Facility, which is being operated by City of Windhoek.

Project Role

Knight Piésold was appointed as engineer for the construction of a large sewer line through the Northern Industrial Area in Windhoek up to the new Ujams Treatment Facility. Services included:

  • Detailed investigation and reporting of existing infrastructure and future outflows of relevant major industries
  • Hydraulic designs of sewer lines
  • Structural design of diversion and measurement structures
  • Control and communication design for the diversion and measurement structures
  • Preparation of tender documentation and tender evaluation
  • Specifications and construction drawings
  • Project management
  • Quality control during construction

The project also had a major mechanical and electrical element due to the requirement that the new treatment facility has to be able to control the flow into the plant. This was done by remotely operating the diversion structure to a set value, which was measured by the measurement structure.