Knight Piésold Adopts Multi-Use Trail in the North Shore Mountains of British Columbia

March 5, 2016, Vancouver, BC, Canada – Knight Piésold’s Vancouver office has sponsored a trail on the North Shore of the Lower Mainland through the Trail Adoption Plan (TAP) of the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA). This multi-use trail on Fromme Mountain, called D’yer Mak’er, completes an uphill access route on the North Shore mountains.

In the TAP, sponsors (adopters) team up with trained NSMBA builders, who lead volunteer efforts in maintaining and improving trails in partnership with respective land managers. Work on the trails involves sustainable practices aimed at lessening impact on the environment, diverting water, and minimizing erosions. Twenty-five trails spanning more than 61 km were sponsored in 2015, with volunteers contributing over 6,000 hours.

Through our charitable giving initiative, Knight Piésold is working with NSMBA to support to our community by maintaining and improving a valuable asset for generations to enjoy, promoting wellness and an active lifestyle, and encouraging environmental stewardship. Our staff is engaged in volunteer days that are being organized throughout the year.

Our first trail building day was held on February 27, with our volunteer team working over four hours to improve a 30 m section of the trail. It was a huge eye-opener to the amount of effort that goes into maintaining and improving this well-used trail network. There will be another five trail building days this year, and our team is looking forward to seeing how much progress can be made during the upcoming trail days.