Knight Piésold Southern Africa Adds Tracer Testing to Hydrogeology Expertise
Knight Piésold Southern Africa Adds Tracer Testing to Hydrogeology Expertise

Knight Piésold Southern Africa Adds Tracer Testing to Hydrogeology Expertise

July 3, 2024, Johannesburg, South Africa – Knight Piésold Southern Africa has added tracer testing to its hydrogeology expertise, further solidifying its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to water-related challenges across Africa. This expansion comes in response to the increasing demand for specialized expertise in hydrogeological studies, particularly in Southern Africa, where water resources are facing unprecedented pressures.

A key addition to the team is Dr. Ahmad Behrouj Peely, a project hydrogeologist/senior modeller at Knight Piésold Namibia. With a doctorate and post-doctorate in hydrogeology from Shiraz University in Iran, specializing in modelling groundwater flow in karstic terrains and hard-rock aquifers and its application to tunnelling and mining environments, Dr. Peely brought invaluable skills to the team, particularly in the realm of tracer testing.

Tracer testing plays a crucial role in understanding the flow dynamics of groundwater, especially in karstic terrains, which are prevalent in Southern Africa. These environments are particularly vulnerable to over-abstraction and contamination, making accurate characterization essential for sustainable water management.

"Ahmad's expertise in tracer testing filled a critical gap in our capabilities, allowing us to undertake projects that require a deep understanding of complex flow processes,” said Diana Duthe, the lead hydrogeologist at Knight Piésold South Africa. "We are now one of the few companies with the know-how and equipment to conduct tracer tests, not only for karst flow but to pinpoint sources of contamination in the sub-surface and many other applications."

Dr. Peely was recently involved in the tracer testing of a complex marble aquifer for a managed aquifer recharge scheme, ensuring the sustainable supply of scarce water resources. He was also pivotal on a feasibility study for a mining project located in an area with challenging water supply in Namibia. Based on tracer testing results, he developed conduit flow process modelling to characterize the aquifer and assess potential limitations in groundwater supply management.

Additionally, with his understanding of complex hydrogeological settings, Dr. Peely engaged with water authorities in Namibia to explore strategies to better manage scarce groundwater resources in the country. His contributions will continue to extend further than Knight Piésold, paving the way for innovative field methods and high-end modelling techniques for the advancement of the hydrogeology profession.

"Ahmad's addition to our team has been a significant step forward in our mission to address water-related challenges in Southern Africa and beyond," added Duthe. "His expertise in tracer testing and karst aquifer modelling continues to be instrumental in developing sustainable solutions for water resource management, ensuring a brighter and more water-secure future for all."

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