Social Studies and Community Engagement

Social Studies and Community Engagement

There is an increase globally in the perceived requirement for “social license” above and beyond government regulatory review. Without proper relationship building and understanding of community and Indigenous perspectives, many resource projects face challenges during construction and operation. 

We understand that social license must be achieved, but not at the cost of the technical and economic merits of the project. We work with our clients to ensure that meaningful engagement occurs that satisfies public expectations, regulatory requirements, and lender requests, with due consideration of project realities.

Our team of social specialists is highly experienced in the practical development and execution of:

  • Social baseline investigations
  • Socio-economic analysis
  • Impact assessments
  • Management systems
  • Action plans
  • Resettlement plans
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement

We have participated in numerous major environmental and social impact assessments and management systems prepared to accommodate Equator Principles and International Finance Corporation expectations. By combining the collective expertise of our global staff, we can offer an integration of culturally unique experiences and perspectives in a variety of settings. We also have substantial experience in a variety of education and training programs at all levels of corporate sophistication. Our social impact assessments, public consultation programs, community development plans, Indigenous peoples' development plans, and resettlement action plans combine to promote globally relevant best practice in social responsibility.

Indigenous Consultation and Stakeholder Engagement

We have assisted numerous clients with the design, execution, and reporting of stakeholder engagement programs associated with major development projects. We provide various levels of consultation support depending on the client’s internal capacity and experience, including adapting to the setting and meeting applicable local or World Bank/International Finance Corporation performance standards. We have assisted clients with projects involving mainstream and Indigenous cultures worldwide.

Services offered for projects requiring consultation include:

  • Stakeholder identification and mapping
  • Delivery of stakeholder engagement training programs to client personnel
  • Preparation of stakeholder engagement plans
  • Assistance in the execution of stakeholder engagement plans
  • Facilitation of workshops, open houses, and focus groups
  • Development of consultation materials (presentations, posters, websites, etc.)
  • Engagement record keeping and data management, including coding of meeting records by keywords and the preparation of a formal consultation record