15-30 MW Dugbe Hydroelectric Project

15-30 MW Dugbe Hydroelectric Project

Hummingbird Resources PLC

Western Region, Liberia

  • Streamflow measurement and hydrology studies
  • Conceptual design and project optimization
  • Cost and energy estimates
Project Overview

The Dugbe Hydroelectric Project is a proposed 15 to 30 MW run-of-river project in the southwest region of Liberia. The project will provide power to the proposed Dugbe Mine and supply additional power to the nearby town of Greenville. The project will include up to three run-of-river intake structures diverting flow to a common forebay, a buried penstock(s), and a surface powerhouse with Francis turbines. The project will have approximately 40 m of head, a design flow of 45 to 90 m3/s, and an installed capacity of 15 to 30 MW.

Project Role

Knight Piésold identified the site as part of a regional hydropower assessment study completed for Hummingbird Resources PLC and completed stream gauging and a pre-feasibility study for the project.

Services provided include:

  • Preliminary hydrologic analysis using regionally available data
  • Installation and monitoring of streamflow measurement gauges
  • Site investigations
  • Conceptual design and optimization
  • Energy estimates, cost estimates, and financial analyses
  • Preliminary design and general arrangements
  • Review of Liberia environmental impact assessment and permitting
  • Pre-feasibility study update based on collected site hydrology data and satellite survey and topographical mapping